Trade functional foods & health SUPPLEMENTS supply and distribution

We work as distributors for a variety of product formats, including functional foods, bespoke health supplements including vitamin sprays and gummies

We work with clients to launch and refresh their health and sports supplement brands and products

Health Supplements
Bulk vitamins
Private label

What we do?

We help customers launch and/or review / develop their health supplement / sports nutrition brand. This may include logo design, product specification, product supply and technical sign off. We also provide sales and marketing supporting. In essence we do it all.

Why us?

We make developing your brand straightforward and linear. Clients use us so they can focus on what they are good at. We supply fully ready to retail products, as well as white label and bulk. Product types include;

Softgels (Veg and Gelatine)

Hard filled capsules (bespoke formulas)

Gummies (Veg and Gelatine)

Liquid supplements such as Multivi, Omega 3

Spray liquids such as Vit D3, Multivit

Tablets (coated and uncoated)

Sports supplement powders (whey protein)

Who we work with

We work with start up companies as well as established brands, from high street brands to niche online specialists to develop and supply their range of vitamin and supplements products

Contact Us

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